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Energy Recovery - Cost Savings

Compressed air is one of the most
important utilities for the industry.
It is also one of the largest consumers of energy.

Therefore, any savings made in compressed
air systems have a significant impact on costs
and on the environment.


According to the laws of thermodynamics the energy used to compress air is transformed into heat. The major portion of this heat - up to 94% - remains in the compressed air and lubrication oil.

Up to 94% of the electrical energy is converted into compression heat. Without energy recovery, this heat is lost into the atmosphere via the cooling system and radiation.

Wouldn't it be great if we could recover compression heat to reuse it cost-affectively?

The amount of energy that can be recovered depends on the size of the compressor and its running hours. Typical recoveries are between 50M and 94%. As nearly 70% of all industrial processes include the use of hot water or steam, energy recovery units can reduce both fuel and maintenance costs of alternative equipment.

All around the world, companies rely on our expertise and innovations to help grow their businesses. They count on us to cut their costs without cutting their productivity.

The biggest part of your compressor Life Cycle Cost is spent on energy (up to 70%). When discussing cost reduction it's only logical that energy consumption should be the main focus. ours and yours. Through leakage detection, optimisation of your processes, pressure band reduction and the utilisation of the latest technologies, energy reduction of your equipment can be achieved successfully.

We take our responsibilities seriously: toward our customers,toward their future, and toward the future of our world. We are Atlas Copco.

Spanish dairy production plant saves yearly 33.000 euro
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Hot water recovered from the compressed air system can be used for sanitary purposes, space heating and is particularly suitable for process applications.

Using the hot water as boiler pre-feed or directly in processes requiring 70-90°C hot water can save costly energy sources such as natural gas and heating oil.
Features and Benefits
Save money, reduce energy consumption, eliminate emissions
How it works
Atlas Copco seeks to reduce the CO2 footprint at every stage of a compressor's life time: from the design phase right through to the equipment's manufacture, distribution, consumer use, disposal and recycling.

Though when looking at the typical carbon footprint of an air compressor, the energy consumed in its use accounts for 99% of CO2 emissions. As energy consumption also typically represents over 80% of a compressor's lifecycle cost, energy savings in compressed air systems will have a significant impact towards preserving not only the environment but also your bottom line
Energy savings on compressed air benefit your bottom line and the planet
Save 15.000 trees
Energy recovery